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Rapid EPC Ltd

How we operate

Energy certification:
We will usually complete the survey in about 30-50 minutes looking at heating, lighting, water systems, insulation factors and how the property is built. We will then spend a similar amount of time processing by computer, and uploading the certificate onto the Government portal. The completed certificate will be emailed to you on the same day as the survey, with an invoice if required.

Floor Planning:
We will need access to all parts of the building in order to measure every wall and window. This is passed to our floor-planning team and reproduced in a full colour 2D map and sent to you within 24 operational hours.

Agency orders will be completed the same day as the survey and emailed with an invoice.

A complementary PDF of page 1 of the report will also be provided to all clients.
(page1 is required by law for marketing)

Data Protection: All data that is compiled by Rapid EPC will be safely stored by us for 6 years. Copies of any report that you have paid for can be immediately sent to you free of charge.

Non Domestic (Commercial) Surveys:  The entire premises will be split into zones, and a survey carried out on each zone (hence the higher prices). The data is then combined in a different and more complex software package to produce a commercial certificate. The certificate will be emailed to you on the same day with an invoice.

All measurements taken conform to RICS code of practice. Full indemnity and liability insurance cover in place.
Fully accredited with Quidos (QUID200141).